This is a project of the Public Sociology Association at George Mason University, a graduate student organization committed to conducting research that benefits the groups we study without sacrificing academic rigor. We are deeply grateful for the advice, feedback, and support of several GMU students, faculty, and administrators. Although we are graduate students in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at GMU, the work and views expressed here are our own.




Marisa Allison (@marisaallison) is a doctoral candidate of Public and Applied Sociology in the Department of Sociology at George Mason University. Her dissertation research examines the gendered nature of economic shifts in higher education. As a contingent faculty member at various colleges and universities for the past 12 years, she is also an advocate for improving labor conditions for all who work in higher education. She currently holds the position of Research Fellow at the New Faculty Majority Foundation, and has been featured in Inside Higher Ed, Feministing, and Fourth Estate. She has sat on two U.S. Congressional Briefing Panels addressing working conditions for contingent faculty in higher education. She was recently selected to sit on the advisory board for the Center for the Study of Academic Labor at Colorado State University and on the Task Force for Contingent Academic Employment at the American Sociological Association.




Randy Lynn (@rlynnphd) is a Ph.D. candidate, graduate lecturer, and http://s3.amazonaws.com/chssweb/profile_headshots/205/thumb/Lynn_Web_Photograduate research fellow at GMU, with several semesters of contingent faculty experience at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and GMU. His research interests include digital technologies, critical youth studies, education, social networks, and inequalities. His work has been published in academic books and journals, and has been featured in The Huffington Post.




http://s3.amazonaws.com/chssweb/profile_headshots/198/thumb/Vicki-_Webpage_Picture1Vicki Hoverman (@VickiHoverman) is a Ph.D. student and graduate research assistant at GMU. Her current research focuses on HIV stigma using emobodied agent technology, and she has extensive experience in survey instrument design and implementation. She has worked as a contingent faculty member at the University of New Hampshire- Manchester, Hesser College, Northern Virginia Community College, Montgomery College, and GMU.


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