The Survey

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How to Use This Survey

The survey instrument was created by researchers in the Public Sociology Association at George Mason University. Adapted from the 2011 Back to School Survey created by the New Faculty Majority Foundation, the Public Sociology Survey has been described as the most comprehensive survey of contingent faculty working conditions to date.

We encourage faculty groups, researchers, administrators, and anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the working conditions of contingent faculty on your own campuses to adapt this survey to your needs. Your acknowledgement of the Public Sociology Association and the NFM Foundation would be appreciated.

The instrument was designed by Marisa Allison, Doctoral Student in Sociology and Graduate Certificate Student in Women and Gender Studies, Randy Lynn, Doctoral Student in Sociology, Vicki Watson, Doctoral Student in Sociology, and other contingent faculty colleagues at GMU. Any questions about the survey and its implementation should be directed to Marisa Allison.

We suggest these actions when customizing or revising the survey for your own use:

  • Departments, Schools, and Colleges within universities differ dramatically. Make sure that you revise our listings to reflect your own.
  • The classifications of faculty vary at each College and University, so make sure that each faculty category (i.e. adjunct, term, lecturer, etc) at your institution is represented.
  • We have included a copy of our informed consent form. Your university human subject review board may have different standards you will have to meet.

This survey instrument was designed to be a web-based survey. There are several skip patterns throughout the survey so you will want to use web-survey software that is more sophisticated to ensure a smooth survey for your respondents. Institutional research staff, social scientists, and educational researchers on your own campus can suggest software tools that may be available through your institution or online to help you with survey collection and data analysis.

The NFM Foundation will welcome having a copy of your survey instrument to further their goal of serving as a research clearinghouse for the higher education community conducting research on adjunct and contingent faculty. Please also consider sending a copy of the results to Esther Merves, Director of Research, NFM Foundation.


2 thoughts on “The Survey

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  2. Betsy Smith

    Thank you first of all for developing this survey and sharing your findings, but thank you most of all for making it available for others to use.
    Betsy Smith/Adjunct Professor of ESL/Cape Cod Community College


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